Thursday, December 22, 2011

I got my first Julep Maven box today!

I was kind of skeptical when I ordered it but I used a code that I only had to pay $.01. I was willing to take the risk for that. I was impressed when I opened my box. After the quiz, I was matched with the "it girl" box. I got three polishes and a top coat, a sample of hand lotion, one of age defying hand brightener, a full tube of hand scrub and a little tub of nail glitter. A lot of wonder for one cent. haha. And of course I had to paint my nails right away. I used the hand scrub which is wonderful. It has apricot seeds in it so it feels lovely and makes your hands so soft. After that I tried the hand cream. It was alright. Nothing extraordinary about it.
Next up was the polish. I tried Kim first. It's a wonderful gunmetal color gray, and definitely my favorite, these are very easy to apply and very opaque. I used Helena, the magenta color, on my accent nail. I figured the glitter wouldn't coat very well so I used Helena as a base coat to that. I was wrong. Chloe, the deep purple glitter, covered so well in one coat that I can't even tell Helena is under it. And I love Chloe. Its gorgeous. I finished with the fast drying top coat. It actually does dry super fast. Probably the quickest I've tried.

Overall, very impressed with Julep. I was going to cancel after the first month, but now I think I'll wait to see what the second box brings. (Forgive my poor nail polishing skills. 24 and I still can't not paint my fingers. haha)


  1. Hmm, I got the It Girl box too and got the same things except no hand scrub. If I hadn't canceled I might e-mail them to ask what's up with that!

  2. Yeah, that's weird. I was surprised I got it, the email I received didn't say anything about it.

  3. Hey sister It Girl! I felt kindof "ok" after a few boxes and now I LOVE JULEP! Their polishes are awesome and the quick dry is amazing!

    Helena is one of my favorite colors, I have 2 now lol.

    Since it was your first box you usually get the hand scrub. They have an "order" to how you get your first few boxes (next one will have lotion which I also love). The boxes do differ a little but that's why they offer a choice each month. I've only switched one month (because it had Helena in it and I already had 2 bottles lol). You can also go to the Maven Boutique and purchase past boxes (which I just did lol).

    Thanks for following me on Twitter, I'm saving your blog :)

  4. I got the second box (no lotion) but it had a sample for the polish remover pads in it. I really loved the colors in it though. Thanks for saving our blog. Hope you enjoy it!