Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Take a walk on the wild side: leopard/gradient/striping

So, I haven't posted in forever. I've not been doing any intense nail art. I got quite obsessed with cremes so I had mostly normal brightly colored manicures the past few months. I saw a tutorial on leopard nails  at Chalkboardnails.com though, and I had to try them. I have also seen several different ways to do gradient nails and decided to give that a go as well. Here's the results. 

I'm absolutely obsessed with the way the leopard turned out. I don't love the gradients so much. but they're tolerable. I added a glitter over my pinky to hide some of the mistakes. I think I should have chosen colors that were more similar. Or perhaps not a metallic. I used striping tape on my ring finger because there's no way in hell I could have free handed perfect stripes. haha
Polishes used:
White - Sinful Colors: Snow Me White
Black - China Glaze: Liquid Leather
Gold- Nicole: Not a Gold Bigger
Glitter - Color Club: Take the Stage

Tools used:
Dotters for the leopard
make up sponge, aluminum foil, toothpick for the gradients
striping tape for the stripes 

Monday, June 25, 2012

As we venture through time and space -- GALAXY Nails!

I typed this blog up in January. Why didn’t I post it? I kept thinking I would do galaxy nails again. Perfect it. But then I fell in love with other nail fashions and everyone was doing the galaxy nails… but here goes. It’s not winter, it’s now summer… enjoy!

As a child, I always loved learning about the cosmos… I even had a place mat that had all the planets (including Pluto) in order. When I saw galaxy nails all over tumblr and pinterest, I had to try it!

While looking through the instructions, I thought it would be hard. A make-up sponge? Tweezers? More than 5 different colors? It’s simpler than I thought.

I flew to LA with these bad boys and they held up to Hollywoods’ glitz & glamour. Eat your heart out, Orlando Bloom!

The first nail was a little tricky, but once I got the hand of it… it was super fun!

Here’s a list of what you’ll need, what I used, and other random suggestions:

1)     Make-up Sponge
2)     Tweezers
3)     Blue or purple dark base – China Glaze VIII (dark eggplant purple)
4)     Medium blue/purple – Sally Hansen Thinking of Blue (navy)
5)     Lighter color – Mattese Elite Dead Punk Rocker ( metallic gray/blue)
a.      Any kind of gray/blue/purple would work!
6)     Bright color – Sally Hansen Tough Luck (lime green shimmer)
a.      This shimmer looked amazing! It brought it all together
7)     Glittery top coat – China Glaze Fairy Dust

The amount and types of colors could be interchanged so much! I think that’s why I love galaxy nails so much, it will always be different.

Instructions after you have put on your base color and it’s dried:

1)     Rip an incredibly small piece off of your make up-sponge
2)     Dip it into your medium; make sure to sponge it around on your paper (or aluminum) to get the excess off of it.
3)     Dab it in a circular motion on center of your nail.
4)     Wait until it’s dry.
5)     Dip another side of the sponge into your lighter color
6)     Dab it across your nail any way you would like. I did it diagonally.
7)     Dry.
8)     Sponge your bright color and go over your ligher color!
9)     Some people use a white or light gray to dot tiny, tiny stars, but I didn’t do that.
10) DRY!
11)  Use your glittery top coat!
12) You’re done!

Drinking on the plane to LA !
I love it. My friend’s sister refers to this as if it’s one easy coat. But it certainly is easy to try and one of the easiest nail arts. If it smudges, it looks like it’s SUPPOSE to be like that.

Get creative with this! I'm thinking of doing a daytime galaxy color scheme. The sponge tool is a must try for anyone getting into nail art.

Try it out! And let us know what you did differently.