Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Color Club Dry Ice!

Wendy and I took another successful trip to TransDesign. A.K.A. Polish Heaven. She purchased these quick dry drops from Color Club on a previous trip and recommended them to me.  I'm notorious for messing up my nails before they dry. I don't think I've ever painted my nails without smearing them or something. haha. With these magical drops, I didn't have to wait an hour for them to dry! Seriously, get some cause they are worth the money. They come with a little eye dropper and you just put a drop on your nails and they're dry! Perfect! haha
Below is the mani I tried them on. I just really love polka dots and wanted to try out my new polishes. Most of them are from the Poptastic Color Club collection. And I love them. They're beautiful creme colors. Plus, their names don't make me like them any less. haha
 Color Club: 
Base Coat: Twiggie
Pink: Warhol
Purple: Pucci-Licious
Green: Edie

China Glaze:
Blue: First Mate

Monday, February 20, 2012

Steven Tyler inspired nails:

So, I'm an avid fan of American Idol... as least until the top 24 when they eliminate all my favorites.
I keep noticing Steven Tyler's nails and I love them. So, I decided to give it a go. Here's his version, followed by my own attempt.

I think they would have turned out better if I had a nude polish for a base coat.
I did what I could with what I had though.
Base: OPI's Skull & Glossbones (from the Pirates line)
Silver: Revlon Chrome
Black: an Art Deco nail art brush I found at the dollar tree. haha

Wednesday, February 15, 2012

A few more past manis:

And my polish collection. haha I finally got something to put them in where I can find what I want.

Sorry all these are messy. I'm not a fan of cleaning up haha. I let time do that for me. I found this Cosmetic Arts lacquer at Ross for $1.50. I'm a sucker for purple polish so I grabbed it and a teal color. It takes forever for them to dry but they're gorgeous colors. The dry time could also be attributed to the top coat I used. I had a Sally top/base coat that I had gotten for free when I purchased some other polish. So, I added the glitter that I got with my first Julep package in and shook it up a bit. I love the way it looks. It's like little silver flakies. 

Wendy and I took a trip to our favorite place, Trans Design! I picked up two of the China Glaze Magnetix polishes. The middle finger is Pull Me Close and the rest are Attraction. The cool thing about these is that the CG magnet (sold separately) has three different designs on it. The mani is kind of messed up because I'm incapable of holding anything still even if its for a few seconds but they apply well and are very simple to magnetize. 

This mani is one of the Justin Bieber by Nichole polishes I decided to purchase. (Shut up, I love Biebz.) I used two coats of Not a Gold Bigger and topped it with a coat of Serena William's by OPI Spark De Triomphe. Love the combo. 

Julep Mavens:

So you've seen my posts about Julep polishes. Why not try them out for yourself?
They have an offer right now where your first month is only $1! You usually get 2-3 polishes so what have you got to lose?
go to Julep.com and take the style quiz and see which box is right for you.
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Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Been a while since i have updated...

Here's a few manis I've done lately. Mostly the OPI Nicki Minaj line (because I love them!) and some craptastic polish strips at the bottom.
OPI's "Did It On 'Em" - green
OPI's "Metallic 4 Life" - accent nail
OPI's "Fly"
OPI's "Save Me"

Julep's Kim with OPI's SuperBass Shatter

Julep's Hayden with Lynderella's Connect The Dots on top.
Hayden applied like crap. I had to use a ton of polish for it to cover. Connect the Dots is my new favorite polish however.

These were an awesome pattern but they strips were way too thick. I could not get them to flatten around my nails. The packaging suggested a hairdryer, which I attempted. Didn't work. They also peeled right off. I got these on of the deal sites and it was not worth the effort I spent purchasing them, even though they were free. So bascially, don't purchase any strips from FabulousNails.com.