Monday, March 5, 2012

Influenster: love voxbox

I was too excited to wait about blogging. So here I am, blogging from my actual job. haha.
This was my first voxbox so it was super fun to open and see what prizes were hidden inside!

I received a sample package of Truvia, which I've been wanting to try. I've been dieting so I need a sweetener with no calories. And speaking of my diet, they sent me this Ghiradelli Chocolate... I hate you influenster, haha. Its all natural though. I guess that's a plus.

Below is are some polish strips by Kiss. They have kind of a leopard/giraffe looking print on them. I'm ready to try these guys out. They're a cheaper alternative to Sally's. The Kiss brand are only 6.99!
Also in my box of treats was an Herbal Tea Sampler. Which is literally perfect for me. I've been wanting to try a bunch of different teas to see which ones I really like and this sampler has two of each of the nine flavors. They range from acai berry to mint and everything in between.
Finally, the voxbox of love brought me a Venus & Olay Gillette razor so my legs can hopefully feel silky smooth. haha

I really can't wait to try these products out and let you know what I think about them.
Look for a ton of posts this week. I'll try not to post all the reviews in one day.


  1. What exactly is a voxbox? and how do I get one? lol

  2. Its a box of different things to try from You just register and fill out some surveys and they use those to determine if youre right for their next box. they do them every few months.