Saturday, March 10, 2012

Influenster: voxbox

I decided to make one big post for the rest of my VoxBox from
First up is the chocolate. It was delicious!! Super creamy and the right about of sweet. It didn't last long in my house, needless to say. 

My favorite product that I received was definitely this Gillette Venus & Olay razor. Seriously my legs have never felt smoother or more moisturized. I recommend this product to any girl who hates shaving her legs (which is every girl, right?). It makes your legs feel like a supermodel's haha. 
The Truvia sweetener was perfect cause I'm on a diet so I can't really eat a ton of sugar. So I can sweeten my tea guilt free! No calories and it's all natural. It doesnt leave an after taste either!

Last but not least is the Tea samples. I've only tried 3 of the flavors but they were all great. I'm always iffy about buying a whole box of tea if I don't know that I like if, so this was a great way to try all different flavors. And they're caffeine & calorie (from what I've researched anyway) free! 

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