Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Been a while since i have updated...

Here's a few manis I've done lately. Mostly the OPI Nicki Minaj line (because I love them!) and some craptastic polish strips at the bottom.
OPI's "Did It On 'Em" - green
OPI's "Metallic 4 Life" - accent nail
OPI's "Fly"
OPI's "Save Me"

Julep's Kim with OPI's SuperBass Shatter

Julep's Hayden with Lynderella's Connect The Dots on top.
Hayden applied like crap. I had to use a ton of polish for it to cover. Connect the Dots is my new favorite polish however.

These were an awesome pattern but they strips were way too thick. I could not get them to flatten around my nails. The packaging suggested a hairdryer, which I attempted. Didn't work. They also peeled right off. I got these on of the deal sites and it was not worth the effort I spent purchasing them, even though they were free. So bascially, don't purchase any strips from

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