Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Happy 2012 -- Vee's NYE Nails!

Happy 2012! What a bright year to try new fashions, nail colors, and accessories.

While waiting to ring in the New Year, I attended a few parties in the city not wearing a traditional sequence/glittery dress; instead, I wanted all the attention on my glittery nails! As JustOff7thAve.com stated, “the overlooked accessory: nail polish”.

Throughout the night, random strangers were grabbing my hands in awe of how the colors captured the light and their attention. After each lady told me how they wish they could pull off glitter nail polish but could not due to their nail length, I sounded like a broken record: “Anyone can pull it off, it’s the holidays, it’s winter; the only time of the year where you won’t feel like a kindergarten girl for putting pink glitter on your nails!”

Though, I always feel like a five year old girl—but only due to my love for unicorns, pink, and watching Aladdin on repeat—anyone needs to at least try glitter on your nails, regardless of length or age.

For my NYE nails, I did not want to put too many layers of glitter on. I decided to use a few base colors to prevent my glitter nail polish from not drying correctly. Experimenting with glitters can be a pain yet also yield great results.

  • Base Color: OPI – French Quarter For Your Thoughts (fyi: my favorite fall color plus the only color straight males actually compliment)
  • Top Glitter: Funky Fingers – Sand And Stilettos

  • Base Color: Orly – Gumdrop
  • Top Glitter: OPI – Gone Gonzo!

  • Base Color: OPI – Sparrow Me The Drama
  • Top Glitter: OPI – Teenage Dream (yes, from Katy Perry’s 2011 collection and yes, I’m now singing the song in my head)

Nail Style 1: I wanted to do tips of the blue OPI’s Gone Gonzo on Funky Fingers’ Sand And Stilettos. They turned on better than I expected. The blue radiated on top of the silver sparkle. NYE Fail: I didn’t let them dry completely before doing things around the house; thus, smudging off. NO!
Tip: Do a layer, let it dry, then come back an hour later… it’ll save the hassle of having to re-do it.

Nail Style 2: Since I love pink glitter and Katy Perry’s song, using OPI’s Teenage Dream was a given. However, it was lighter than my other colors and didn’t have the “pop” effect I was hoping for. When I put dots of Gone Gonzo on top, it looked ah-may-zing. It seemed I put gems on it. A great combination, but looked like I was going to a baby shower with the blue-pink combination.

Nail Style 3: I simply used Orly’s Gumdrop with OPI’s Gone Gonzo! on top. If you have not noticed, this is my favorite color from the Muppet collection! The aqua blue with the hexagon silver sparkles give a perfection combination. It does not have a base color in the nail polish, it’s clear. This means, it takes more layers to fully cover your nail without noticing your natural nail. Orly’s Gumdrop solved that issue with one coat beneath Gone Gonzo!

I’m glad it’s only January! I don’t like the cold, but being able to use these winter collections make it seem a little better. Try a few glitter colors, don’t be shy. They are harder to take off, but believe me… it’s worth it! 

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