Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Take a walk on the wild side: leopard/gradient/striping

So, I haven't posted in forever. I've not been doing any intense nail art. I got quite obsessed with cremes so I had mostly normal brightly colored manicures the past few months. I saw a tutorial on leopard nails  at Chalkboardnails.com though, and I had to try them. I have also seen several different ways to do gradient nails and decided to give that a go as well. Here's the results. 

I'm absolutely obsessed with the way the leopard turned out. I don't love the gradients so much. but they're tolerable. I added a glitter over my pinky to hide some of the mistakes. I think I should have chosen colors that were more similar. Or perhaps not a metallic. I used striping tape on my ring finger because there's no way in hell I could have free handed perfect stripes. haha
Polishes used:
White - Sinful Colors: Snow Me White
Black - China Glaze: Liquid Leather
Gold- Nicole: Not a Gold Bigger
Glitter - Color Club: Take the Stage

Tools used:
Dotters for the leopard
make up sponge, aluminum foil, toothpick for the gradients
striping tape for the stripes 


  1. I love mix up manicures like this one. The color palette is clean and modern, and you did a great job with the leopard, too!