Sunday, June 19, 2011

My Week in a "No-Buy"

I've been on a "no-buy" for the past 2's how well I did this week:

Yep, going mighty well...

And, Pong decided she was jealous that Tipsy made an appearance last post, so:

Ok, I'm actually going to go paint my nails now.


  1. Well it's a well known fact that holos don't count for no-buys, and quite a few of those have clearance stickers on them, so not too bad considering! XD

  2. If there's a good deal or a sale, those don't count. Lol, you have to snatch them up while you can!

  3. I will be expecting this level of support when I need a new place to live.

  4. yes they're all rights.. :) by the way im a new follower. i love reading your blog. :)

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  6. no buys? oh no i dont think i will ever have the powers to go through that. but hubby will be happy should i decide to do one. lol

    btw i got here from our fb group.

    new follower :)

    hope u check out my blog too